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If you are going on a weekend trip or a week long getaway, let us provide a home environment stay for your dog. They can stay for the day or a week. If you are like us, your pets aren't just your pets, they are your babies, your friends, and they mean the world to you. The only time they are in a kennel is to eat and to sleep. They get full run of the yard.
We are Rick and Julie Priebe and live on 5 acres with 2 acres fenced in yard so the dogs have a safe area to play. Your dog will be part of our family and extremely pampered with free hugs and massages. We love dogs and we will treat them like family!
We supply everything they need except for their food, it's always best to keep their food the same. You may want to bring their own bedding so the scent makes them feel more at home. We will need your vaccination certificate before boarding. Your dogs must also be on a flea/tick program and have recieved the Bordetella shot.

Enjoy your vacation and leave your dog safely with us.

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